Solar Panel Installation Process

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CRJ Contractors is proud to be your partner in solar energy. We are the best solar energy company in Colorado Springs and offer education, services, and quotes to individuals across the state. When you contact us for an estimate, we evaluate your home for free and conduct a custom solar energy audit that outlines everything from the future design on your roof to the long-term savings that your unique system can provide.

Step One: Evaluate Current Utility Usage & Cost

When designing a solar proposal, we look at your home’s kWh usage for the month and determine the average cost per kWh you are paying. This helps us determine the value each kWh of solar will save you. We also look at the historical energy rates in your neighborhood to see the rate at which electricity costs have been increasing. We compare this data with local Colorado electricity data to predict how rates will fluctuate in the future. All of this helps create a foundation to see whether solar is a wise investment for your home or business.

Step Two: Design

Next, we determine what type of solar energy system and design you will need. When installing solar panels, each rooftop is different and will require a custom setup to thrive. Things that affect the efficiency of solar systems include drains, vents, exhaust fans, chimneys, daily shade, nearby buildings, trees, mountains, weather conditions, and how your home faces the sun.

With this data, we determine how many solar panels you will need to offset your current/future electrical usage, which direction they will face, and what type of solar panels will suit your needs best. We create a custom design that matches your rooftop. Creating a custom design allows us to calculate precisely how much a solar system will produce in terms of energy and how much it will cost.

Step Three: Financial Decisions

Finally, we provide a quote for your new solar system. We factor in the initial cost of the system, the federal tax credits, and any available utility cash rebates. Different neighborhoods and communities in Colorado Springs may have various offers. It’s essential to choose a local solar company so they’re aware of financial offers and can help you save the most money. After subtracting the savings, we have your net cost for your solar system. At this stage, we also consider the increase in home value and your total utility bill savings. Plus, CRJ offers multiple financing options. Once you’ve settled on a solar panel system, we begin the solar panel installation process with the region’s top companies.

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CRJ Contractors has been helping community members across Colorado take the next step with solar. We love educating our community, and it has become our mission to provide every individual with all the information, benefits, and options for solar systems.

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