Commercial Solar Panels in Colorado Springs

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Going solar is one of the smartest investments that a business in Colorado can make in today’s time. Aside from the numerous benefits that solar panels present to the environment, going green is not only cost-effective, but is a great decision in terms of a business’ financial assets. In addition to the long-term benefits of solar, the aid of federal and local incentives keeps costs low for potential buyers, so that the savings begin right from the start. Commercial solar panels are not only accessible to business owners, but they are also affordable. With the current tax benefits, a business can manage the initial expense of going solar while cutting costs and maximizing profit.

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Benefits Of Commercial Solar Systems


With the high cost of supplying electricity to a building, solar energy creates a sustainable, cost-effective alternative. Data from Energy Saver reports suggests that the average business property owner could reduce the cost of energy substantially by going solar, even up to a 75% reduction. It is for this reason that over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies have made the switch.


The rise in popularity of “going green” has created a new wave of consumers whose focus is on eco-friendly business practices. As a company, installation of solar panels has important promotional value by reaching out to a unique clientele. Additionally, commercial solar installation is often advertised by local news sources, providing further promotional value.


Solar installation not only benefits a business in the here and now, but rather it is a long-term investment that continues to provide long into the future. Solar panels increase the value of every property by updating and adding to the building, focusing investment into the property itself. Ultimately, the cost of solar panels pay for themselves.

Commercial Incentives In Colorado For Going Solar

Both large and small businesses can manage the initial price of solar installation because of the incentives offered to Colorado commercial properties to offset the cost of the system. With the rise of popularity in commercial solar, these tax benefits won’t last forever, which is why it is so important to start early. Here’s a look into what is currently available in Colorado.

Commercial properties in Colorado are also eligible for the C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) program which qualifies businesses to significantly reduce the upfront cost of clean energy solutions such as solar installation. By paying a voluntary assessment, candidates can finance the installation of solar panels long-term. Through the C-PACE program over $500 million in projects has been financed.



  • Federal Investment Tax Credit—This federal incentive from a 2016 bill credits up to 30% of the initial investment.
  • Tax and Cuts Job Act—This incentive allows accelerated depreciation on the cost of the solar panel system.
  • Performance-Based Incentives—These incentives, such as solar renewal energy certificates, allow the company to receive payment for the energy being produced.
  • Multiple financing options—Lenders often offer commercial properties exclusive rates for solar installation. Colorado lenders in particular offer major financial benefits to local installers in support of eco-friendly business practices.


As an investment, commercial solar panels are the cost-effective alternative for energy savings that many eco-friendly businesses are securing today. With the combination of financial benefits and numerous solar incentives, Colorado business owners can cut energy costs by up to 75% with small risk upfront. At CRJ Contractors, we are here as an education resource to answer all the questions that your company may have, supporting you in this investment. We are located in Colorado Springs, and help business owners all across the Front Range, including El Paso County, Monument, Castle Rock, Denver, Pueblo, and more. If you are looking for a local solar energy contractor that knows good business, contact us today!