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Solar energy is rapidly rising in popularity across homes and businesses in the United States, and at the forefront of this national movement toward solar is our very own Rocky Mountain state. In fact, Colorado initiated the Renewable Energy Standard, which required utility companies to get at least 30% of their energy from renewable sources. 

    On top of our 300 days of sunshine, the perfect environment for solar panels to thrive, Colorado is one of the few states offering multiple incentives for installing solar energy systems for residential and commercial properties. Here at CRJ Contractors, we are proud to be one of the top educators when it comes to solar energy in Colorado Springs, and we are here to walk you through every step of the process. We can help determine whether solar is right for you by identifying the local and national rebates, the savings from your utility bills, the design of your unique solar system, and even the financing options available. We work with home and business owners all over the state, and we can help you decide if solar is the right decision for you. 



There are so many benefits to installing a home solar system here in Colorado Springs. With the rising cost of residential electricity rates, solar panels can save you thousands of dollars in the future. Along with the environmental benefits, solar panels can also increase your home’s value and help you become independent from your utility bill. If you’re ready to learn more about solar systems for your home, we can help.



Solar panels are not just for the home. When you power your business with natural energy, you can maximize your output without the premium price tag of electricity. Solar can help you increase productivity and profits, all while helping your company “Go Green” in terms of sustainability. CRJ Contractors works with businesses all over Colorado Springs who are ready to invest in solar, and we can help you decide if it’s right for you.


At CRJ Contractors, we are proud to help our neighbors in Colorado Springs take the next step in sustainability. Whether you are ready to take control of your energy consumption or make your business more sustainable, our team of experts will connect you to the best solar companies to ensure your unique needs are met. We offer free estimates that include information about federal incentives and more. Learn more about our process, schedule a consultation with one of our leading solar experts, or take a look at our portfolio to learn more. We are proud to be the local experts on solar energy in Colorado Springs and we are excited to take this journey with you! 

Ready To Make The Switch? CRJ Contractors Is Here To Help

If you are ready to switch to solar and own a sustainable energy source or are simply curious about how much solar would cost you, CRJ Contractors is here to help and answer your questions. Our solar panel experts can assist with a custom, free quote. We are happy to connect our neighbors throughout Colorado Springs, Falcon, Peyton, Security, Monument, and more with the perfect solar energy specialists to suit their individual needs. Contact us today to learn more about how investing in solar can help you, your family, and your environment.