Colorado Springs Invests In Community’s Future: Solar Benefits

featured photo showing colorado springs solar benefits
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Some of the most incredible parts of living in Colorado are not only the miraculous nature that surrounds us, but the attitudes of those in the community who strive to ensure that this beautiful land is taken care of. One way that Colorado is continuing to push for the overall well being of the land is through taking advantage of natural resources that don’t harm the planet. Fortunately, Colorado Springs has made many strides to push for efficient resources that reduce carbon footprints like solar power.

The beautiful city of Colorado Springs continues to push for the advancement and implementation of solar energy every year. According to KRDO, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), has broken ground on two new solar energy projects in 2019.

featured photo showing colorado springs solar benefits

Colorado Springs Invests In Solar

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), announced two new solar energy projects this year. The goal is to provide reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective energy throughout the greater Colorado Springs area. CSU spokesman, Amy Trinidad, stated, “We’re going from about 19 megawatts of venerable energy today to more than 260.” As a frame of reference, 1 megawatt can power about 750 homes.  CSU is continuing to push for renewable energy such as solar in order to maximize the benefits.

In order to achieve the strong solar energy goals that CSU projects, they have developed a plan to focus on their Front Range Power Plant. This natural gas power plant will power the majority of Colorado Springs’ energy needs moving forward as the Martin Drake Coal Power Plant is scheduled to close in 2035.

Solar Energy Benefits Colorado Springs Residents 

With the cost of living in Colorado Springs reaching its highest level since 2001, residents are looking toward ways to sustainably protect their wallets. Fortunately, many incentive programs are available for those who qualify. 

Residents not only value ways to protect their bottom line, but also ways to protect the incredible beauty that Colorado Springs has to offer. Investing in solar energy helps to reduce air pollution and conserve various other natural resources. Residents of Colorado Springs continue to invest in the incredible power of solar energy in order to keep the beautiful landscape green and keep more green in their wallets. 

In early 2019, Colorado was ranked 12th in the nation for installed solar capacity by the Solar Energy Industries Association . With a company like Colorado Springs Utilities investing in the future of Colorado Solar, residents are also taking advantage of this incredible resource as well as some of the jobs it creates. Since the advancement of solar energy, many have taken the opportunity to harness the resource to help others by partnering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to bring the benefits of solar energy to those in need.

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At CRJ Contractors, we are passionate about solar. Our knowledgeable team members have experienced the impact that solar energy can have on small residences, commercial properties, neighborhoods, and even entire cities. Colorado continues to invest in solar and we continue to invest in our neighbors. It is our mission to provide residents of El Paso county with the best solar panel companies that suit their individual needs.

If you’re ready to invest in solar or ready to start a transparent conversation about how solar energy could impact your home, utility bill, and future, give us a call today. We are happy to discuss how investing in solar energy today can increase your home’s value tomorrow as well as benefit the environment for many decades. Contact CRJ Contractors to discuss your options with an experienced, compassionate professional that will always put you first.

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