The Cost Of Solar In 2019: Colorado Solar Panels

featured photo showing the cost of solar in 2019
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Solar energy has been steadily increasing in popularity due to its ability to provide sustainable, renewable energy that has incredible environmental benefits while significantly reducing your electricity bill. With popularity comes increased competition, mixed messages, and overall a great deal of confusion for property owners that may be interested in taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy in Colorado.

At CRJ Contractors, we strive to cut down the confusion by taking the time to thoroughly understand your unique needs and connect you with the proper education and tools needed to invest in solar energy. In order to make an informed decision about what’s right for your property and your future, you need to be prepared with a realistic, transparent understanding of the true cost of solar energy in Colorado in 2019.

featured photo showing the cost of solar in 2019

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The investment in solar panels can be intimidating, but there is a simple, consistent way to determine how much solar panels will cost throughout the U.S. The average cost of solar panels can be calculated by dividing the price (in dollars) per watt ($/W).

What Is The Average Cost of Solar Panels In 2019? 

Scientists have spent over sixty years developing solar energy, but it has only taken off as a sustainable, renewable energy source over the past decade. Back in 2009, the cost of a solar panel installation was $8.50 per watt. Fortunately, technology has advanced to provide much more cost-effective solar energy options. In 2019, solar panel installation is about $2.98 on average across the United States. Prices have dropped significantly, and with a 30% federal tax credit for solar, now is the most opportune time to invest in solar energy for your home or business.

Average Cost of Solar Panels In Colorado In 2019 

The Solar Energy Industries Association ranked Colorado 12th in the nation for installed solar capacity earlier this year.

With companies like Colorado Springs Utilities heavily shifting their focus to renewable energy like solar, the price is continuing to decrease as more resources become available. Currently, the average price of solar panels in Colorado is $3.29 per watt for a typical 6 kW solar system. Of course, the average cost may not reflect the cost needed to power your property since calculations will need to be made to factor in measurements such as home size and potential cash rebates and federal tax incentives.

Getting a Solar Estimate from a Solar Panel Company

The best way to know how much solar panels will cost is to get a solar panel estimate done by a professional company. That’s why, here at CRJ Contractors, we offer thorough solar energy audits on Colorado Springs homes and businesses. Part of our process includes thoroughly evaluating your current utility usage and cost by looking at your home’s kWh usage by comparing the average cost you are paying to that of the electricity in your neighborhood. We will look at market price fluctuations to determine the amount of impact solar energy can have on your home’s efficiency. We calculate your potential savings after factoring in the initial cost, tax credits and cash rebates to provide the net cost of your solar energy system.

How Much Would a Solar System Cost for You? Contact CRJ Contractors to Find Out!

If you are ready to see how investing in solar energy can significantly reduce your electricity bill, increase the value of your home, and help the environment, then contact CRJ Contractors today! We will take the time to learn exactly what will work best for you, go over all of financial options including tax incentives and payment plans so that you are confident in every aspect of investing in solar energy.

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